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SAAJA Training Brochure

The Southern African Association of Jungian Analysts – hereafter referred to as the Association – offers psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and other suitably qualified psychotherapists, a training programme in preparation for certification as an analytical psychologist/ Jungian analyst. This is a post-graduate training leading to an international qualification as an analytical psychologist/Jungian analyst, which automatically ensures membership of the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP).

The training is offered part-time in Cape Town and the training programme extends over a minimum of four years. Coursework will take the form of 6 intensive weekends a year. The venue will be the C. G. Jung Centre, Rosebank, Cape Town. Should there, in any of the training years, be a visiting analyst, one of the training weekends will be coordinated with one of the six weekends. Intake of training candidates will be at the start of the training, and on a four-yearly basis.

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Training as a Jungian Analyst

Training to be a Jungian Analyst with the Southern African Association of Jungian Analysts is an in-depth personal and professional experience. The training aims to develop an analyst with personal and professional competencies in both theory and clinical practice. The curriculum and its courses ground Jungian analytic work within a broad, multi-dimensional perspective that includes clinical, interpersonal, and archetypal approaches to psychotherapy.

Analysis is a unique, intensive form of depth psychotherapy that fosters personal development and potential liberation from dysfunctional or painful living patterns, and may lead to living a more meaningful life as we strive to fulfil our destiny. In pursuit of these goals, the individual in analysis (analysand) and the analyst work together in close collaboration to explore and better understand the analysand’s inner world. Careful attention is paid to the interactions of personal and interpersonal experience, of past and present, of body and mind, of fantasy and reality.

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