Imposter Syndrome and the ‘As-If’ Personality in Analytical Psychology; The Fragility of Self

Imposter Syndrome and the ‘As-If’ Personality in Analytical Psychology; The Fragility of Self


Join us for this exploration into the Imposter Syndrome and the underlying fragility of Self. Everybody pretends sometimes, however if this becomes a habitual way of being in the world, it becomes problematic.


According to Susan Swartz the ‘as-if’ person is both the mirror and the mask, while presenting artificially. Known for a slickly contrived persona/ego image, behind it the ‘as-if’ person withdraws into fantasy and illusionary worlds. The issues affect intimacy with oneself and others due to their difficulty being present. Problems that arise from this lack of presence and authenticity are those of split selves, not belonging, possible sexual addiction, problematic aging; these are further impacted by the cultural influence of social media, the role of the father and mother, and body image. The ‘as if’ personality pattern is promoted by the culture of social media where reality and illusion are often blurred.  The purpose of exploring of imposter dynamics is to nurture awareness of what can be replenishing and regenerative to the person and culture.

Dr Susan E. Schwartz trained in Zurich, Switzerland as a Jungian analyst is also a clinical psychologist and member of the International Association of Analytical Psychology. She presents to numerous Jungian conferences and teaching programs in the USA and worldwide.

Susan has articles in several journals and chapters in books on Jungian analytical psychology. Her current book published by Routledge is translated into several languages and into Ukrainian this April. It is entitled The Absent Father Effect on Daughters, Father Desire, Father Wounds. Another book will be published by Routledge in 2023 entitled The Fragility of Self in the ‘As-If’ Personality: Imposter Syndrome and Illusions in the Mirror. Her Jungian analytical practice is in Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA and her website is