Breathwork As a Pathway to Embodied Consciousness in the Journey Towards Individuation

Breathwork As a Pathway to Embodied Consciousness in the Journey Towards Individuation


Presenter: Denise Grobbelaar

The body is often neglected as a source of wisdom, but in fact it is the only channel for our intuition. Anchoring our consciousness in the body in an embodied manner allows for greater present moment awareness. Breathwork teaches us to connect and align more deeply with ourselves and what Jung would call the archetype of the Self, or the god-image within.


We have all been alienated from our true selves – our true nature, which forms part of all Nature in a beautiful interconnected, interdimensional matrix. For Denise this is represented by the symbol of the Flower of Life, a geometric representation of the Universe where everything is in harmonious unity.  How do we move from fragmentation to integration and wholeness, from inauthenticity to authenticity and integrity, from pretence into presence?

We live in troubled times. How can one remain grounded while fully engaging with the world around you. There is magic and mystery, but we have closed ourselves off in self-protection and have become isolated bubbles or islands in the sea of existence.  However, we are deeply embedded in creation, interwoven with the elements and the air that we breath. It is our birth right to step into this embodiment of our true nature.  How can we breathe more of Life, nourishing ourselves with an abundance of energy and curious delight at our marvelous life force energy? How can we surrender old patterns that keep us from living life to our fullest enjoyment and infinite potential? Our psychological and physiological states are intertwined with our habitual breathing patterns. Join us for this exploration into breathwork as an invaluable tool in the individuation journey.

Denise Grobbelaar is a Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Jungian Analyst in private practice in Cape Town, South Africa. Denise is passionate about nature, consciousness, working with images (dream work, active imagination & visionary experiences), shamanic practises, mythology, and the enneagram. She has tracked her own dreams for 30 years and has participated in numerous ‘Dream Appreciation’ groups and ‘Waking Dream’ retreats since 2013.  Her paper “The White Lion as Symbol of the Archetype of the Self and the Cannibalization of the Self in Canned Hunting” was published in the 2020 Spring Issue of the Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche. In January 2023 Denise trained as a breathwork teacher during a 3-week intensive and deeply transformational process in the Cederberg. She facilitates drop-in breath work classes in Cape Town and on-line. Correspondence: Website: