Art of the Human Soul

Art of the Human Soul


Presenter: Betty Paz

In this lecture Betty Paz invites us to journey within. We will glimpse into the realm of the soul and the Self through her art, and the images that result from her dedication to the individuation process.

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When we engage with inner images and extract their hidden meaning, we’re remembering the forgotten language of the soul. We find ourselves interacting with our essence, and distilling the contents. We actively partake in a relationship with the greater aspects of ourselves. Wounds begin to heal, and we become more conscious of the dynamics within and without. When we become aware of the inner forces that drive us, we can then begin to recognize their effect on our everyday interactions.

What moves you? What propels you? And where does this energy want to go? 

By going deep within, we find the path to our own story.

This way, we are capable of transforming our own lives, thus transforming the Collective.

My art is the result of that journey: Listening to the Unconscious in order to integrate the Self.

You are invited to visit the website and contemplate the images in the archetypal art section. Take note of the image that gets your attention the most and reflect on your experience.

Betty Paz is a Canadian visual artist, originally from Venezuela, currently living in Winnipeg, MB. She has been exploring the Self, the individuation process, and the big questions that face humanity. Her journey began several years ago, when she met with a Jungian Analyst in Venezuela, where she was introduced to dream work, active imagination, and mandalas, the latter having the greatest influence on her current art. Betty’s more than 180 Mandalas and Archetypal Art are the representation of the patterns of the human psyche that manifest during her creative process.