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In Spring 1988, the first Mantis journal was published in the form of a newsletter. The intended aim of this publication was to link the activities of the Jungian community to a wider community. Over the years, this Mantis newsletter has evolved into a journal, containing the publications of both visiting analysts from abroad, SAAJA members and other professionals in related fields. Mantis Journal was published once or twice a year since then, until 2019, when the last Journal was published on our website.

From 2020 onwards, with the advent of Covid and lockdown, SAAJA moved all their events online, which gave us the opportunity to record all of our seminars and lectures. These recordings have been stored on our online shop, where they are available for purchase. Mantis Journal has therefore been discontinued.

We have 59 Mantis Journals available in hard copy, in our library, and one online. We have decided to scan all of these journals and make them available on our website, in PDF format, for free. We included the online copy, which gives us a total of 60 Mantis Journals – a substantial collection of the work done by SAAJA members and other affiliated professionals over a period of 41 years. May these be a source of nourishment and enjoyment.

Since January 2020, our analysts have been writing brief essays on Analytical Psychology content and ideas and announcing our public events and workshops on social media, totalling 583 posts and counting. We have been highlighting key issues from a Jungian perspective through various monthly themes, engaging with mental health professionals, public members seeking education on mental health issues, or those concerned with finding a deeper understanding of themselves and the meaning of life. Anyone interested can follow us on our pages @jungsouthernafrica on Facebook and Instagram. We are steadily growing, totalling 6000 local and international followers on both platforms.

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