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Let’s talk Jung. A reading and discussion group presented by Marita de Wet

Are you interested in exploring the value of Jungian Psychology for personal growth, healing, and self-awareness? Join our new reading and discussion group in the Library at SAAJA.

Once a month, on a Saturday morning, we’ll dedicate two hours to delve into the foundational concepts of Jungian Psychology. The program consists of nine sessions, each focusing on another aspect of Jungian Psychology, for example: the unconscious, the ego and consciousness, Persona, Shadow, Psychological Types, and the Collective Unconscious, anima/animus, dreams, individuation.

Our interest and concern are for the inner world, the unknown other world. We endeavor to nurture the inner striving to growth and maturity (individuation), which means an increased conscious awareness of the psychological realities in ourselves and in society, so that we can find meaning and purpose in our lives and give expression to it.

Cost: R150 per session. Tea and a snack included

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Enrollment for the next series of 9 sessions opens in February 2020. To enquire or enroll, contact SAAJA on (021) 689-6090 or saaja@mweb.co.za