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Goals of SAAJA’s Public Programme

The promotion of an understanding and application of analytical psychology concepts that are made available to the public.

Presentations are held on the third Tuesday of every month at the UCT Lung Institute in Observatory, Cape Town.

Members of the public are invited to attend in person and we also stream these presentations live to those unable to attend in person. Those who stream in live need to contact Lynda at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make a booking.

All our lectures, Seminars, Reading Groups and Workshops attract CPD points.

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Venue: UCT Lung Institute, George Street, Mowbray

Lectures will begin at 07.30 p.m. (19h30)



Jan 16

Jung and the Myth of OedipusJD Oedipus

Julian David

SAAJA’s Analytical Psychology Lecture Series for 2018 kicks off with the highly respected analyst, Julian David, who returns to South Africa in January to present this very popular lecture which offers a refreshing perspective on the myth of Oedipus. Julian presents Oedipus as a tragic hero who takes on the sins of the parents, and pays the price of consciousness. The price of consciousness is to suffer loss of the outer eyes, in order to gain inner insight and wisdom.

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Feb 27coburn

The Self ... our best friend but also our worst enemy

Sheila Cowburn

The Individuation process often begins with a wounding of the personality. The ego reaches an impasse of one sort or another and has to finally turn inside to the inner wisdom, the Self. In the process, the ego becomes increasingly aware of its origin from and dependence upon the Self. In fact, the stability and vitality of the ego depends on a living connection with the Self. Therefore, the ego needs the support of the Self and the Self needs the ego to realize itself. The Self is the supreme psychic authority, it subordinates the ego to it.

Themes and images associated with the self are inner divinity, Imago Dei, wholeness, the creative point where the divine and human meet, and where transpersonal energies flow into the personal life. Like all archetypes, the Self has a dark side and being the greatest power in the psyche it has the potential for both creativity and destruction.

Sheila Cowburn is a Clinical Psychologist and Jungian Analyst. Her prior background was in the Classics and English Literature. She is a member of both the IAAP and  SAAJA and is a Training Analyst and Supervisor. Sheila has given various Public Lectures and workshops on Feminine Psychology both in South Africa, Canada and at ISAP in Zurich. Another area of interest over the last 10 years has been involvement in the Corporate sector in Johannesburg where she has been teaching and applying Jungian Theory in the workplace.

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March 3ANZ STI


The other side of C.G. Jung and its influence on creative therapy methods.

1916- 2016, a 100 years long story of the painting from the unconscious, and a presentation of a most interesting case from the picture archive of the C.G. Jung Institute Zürich.


Working with Dreams, Paintings and Sandplay.
The differences of the 3 ways to the unconscious and their use in analysis.

After the foregoing seminar, the participants will know about the method of painting from the unconscious. Working with dreams in analysis is commonly known.

Sandplay becomes more and more known and integrated into analysis/therapies.

Ruth Ammann, Swiss, born in Zürich.  Dipl. Architect ETH, worked as an architect for 13 years. Changed her professional life in 1972, graduated 1979 as Jungian Psychoanalyst at the C.G.Jung-Institute in Zürich. Trained 1972 with Dora Kalff in Zollikon/Zürich, worked from 1973-75 as her assistant, became a Sandplay Therapist ISST. Works as a Jungian Training Analyst and Sandplay therapist in private practice in Zürich. President of ISST (International Society for Sandplay Therapy) for 8 years, 2003- 2011. Actual member of the board of directors of C.G.Jung Institut Zürich and curator of the C.G.Jung picture archive. Teaching and lecturing at the Jung-Institute Zürich and in several countries (Italy, Germany, Denmark, England, USA, Canada, China, Brazil, S. Korea, Japan, Australia, South Africa). 3 adult children, 6 grandchildren.

Das Traumbild Haus.  Walter Verlag, leider vergriffen
Healing and Transformation in Sandplay. Open Court P.C.1999
The enchantment of gardens, Daimon Einsiedeln, Switzerland 2008
Numerous articles in Journals.

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Mar 20SAAJA APLS Venda Trail March2018

Encounter with the Other
Philippa Colinese & Jeffrey Rink

This presentation is about a pilgrimage; a journey into a remote part of Venda. It was an encounter with the Venda people: the places that are sacred to them; and an introduction to their way of life, their cultural traditions, music, art and dance.

It was a journey of discovery and healing.

Pilgrimages are personal journeys, the purpose of which is sometimes unknown, but which can affect one profoundly. During this lecture, presenters Jeffrey Rink and Philippa Colinese intend to share experiences of their recent journey to Venda and explore the overall meaning and impact of pilgrimages as sacred journeys for psyche and soul.

Live streaming facilities via Skype are available for those not able to attend the talk in person. Pre-booking essential.

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April 102018 04 Ian McCallum 2

Psychologists as Activists :  Being a voice for the wild part of the human psyche.
Ian McCullum

Animals, forests, rivers, oceans and landscapes are not mere aspects of human life. They are in our blood and in our psyche. Our sanity depends on them. If so, where are the voices of psychologists when it comes to addressing these questions?

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May 152018 05 Grace Reid

Pegasus as the symbol of the Integrated Feminine
Grace Read

Pegasus, the magnificent winged horse who dwelt with the Greek gods on Mount Olympus, is usually associated with the conventionally masculine qualities of power and spirit.

At the same time, of the multitude of children fascinated by horses, most are girls. Many of these girls lose their sense of wonder and fascination with horses at the onset of adolescence.

In this talk, an exposition of the myth of Pegasus will provide the framework for our exploration of why girls might be drawn to horses, and why that interest might later go underground, into the unconscious.

Some examples of girls and women in life will illustrate these aspects of the exploration.

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No Lecture

July 17Zebra


Wilna van der Walt & Marita de Wet

” In psychotherapy, the patient can remain passive, but when he starts to engage with images from his unconscious, by giving expression to them, he begins to play an active part. “To start off with, he puts down on paper what he has passively seen, by turning it into a deliberate act. He not only talks about it, he is actually doing something about it.” (CW16:105-107)

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August 212018 08 Narcissism Johann Graaff

The Metamorphisim of Narcissim in Modernity:  whateve happened to the notion of sin?

Johann Graaff

Despite the focus on Narcissism today, many would say that nothing has really changed since the Middle Ages. Narcissism has, they say, been around for millennia, masquerading as the sin of Pride. But today we talk about black pride or gay pride as commendable positive self-esteem.

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September 182018.09 Dr John Gosling

Whatever happened to Mary Magdalene?
John Gosling

 Presented by John Gosling: Whatever Happened to Mary Magdalene?Jung realized that our own inner world, our unconscious, has sorely been neglected. In his Red Book, he termed this “the spirit of the depths”. He emphasized that as part of our process of individuation, it is essential that we experience this encounter with our own unconscious and thereby gain “gnosis” (a knowledge or “knowing” of spiritual mysteries accessed within).

John Gosling: is a psychiatrist and Jungian analyst. He trained at the C.G. Jung Institute of New York and returned to Cape Town in 2004. He is a past-president of SAAJA, serves on several committees of SAAJA, and is also a training analyst.

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October 162018 10 Flood Myths. Borchardt

Global warming as the Modern Flood Myth
Fred Borchardt

The similarities between these myths are striking, suggesting a powerful collective archetypal pattern.

Fred will explore a few of these myths, towards identifying an underlying archetypal pattern contained in the Flood Myths.

The current scientific theory of Global Warming will also be explored as a potential modern manifestation of the archetypal Flood Myth. The impact it has on our collective psyches will be examined.

Fred Borchardt is a Jungian Analyst in Private Practice in Cape Town. He studied Jungian analysis through the SAAJA Analyst Training Program, and was educated at Pretoria University, the University of Johannesburg and Rhodes University. He is currently serving as SAAJA president.


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November 20 MG 5518 M

The Mountain that turned into a Cathederal - Dreams of an Unbeliever.

Presented by Peter Ammann.

Jung viewed dreams as expressions of our deeper, sacred Self, using the language of symbols and mythic images. The meaning of dreams fascinated us since the dawn of time as if we intuitively knew dreams bring insight and... 

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No lecture




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