Patrick Tummon

Patrick Tummon

17-03-1949 – 15-08-2016
Patrick Tummon in Memoriam

It was with deep sense of loss and shock that we heard about the relatively sudden passing away of Patrick Tummon on 15 August 2016. He was a founder member of SAAJA, served on the Executive committee for a quarter of a century and was the serving treasurer of the organization at the time of his death. He was also a dear colleague and friend.

Patrick has been an integral backbone of the organization since its inception. As the office manager he designed the administrative systems which kept the organization going. He also took care of the details around the running of the physical building, which included dealing with leaking taps and the massive refurbishing we did six years ago. Many of these tasks took place outside of the public eye, but they were indispensable for the functioning of the centre. He was in charge of the library, regularly presented lectures and seminars, and was involved in almost every level of the organization. His passing has opened up an irreplaceable loss of institutional memory.

His passing left a massive vacuum in the organization and will be felt for years to come. We extend our deepest condolences to his family in this time, and want them to know that we share in the terrible feeling of loss.

Below please see condolences received from friends and colleagues:

Oh Fred what unexpected and terrible news…… What a huge loss.

Carroll Faull

That is shocking and sad news. I am sorry to hear this.

Dain Peters

It is with great shock that I have read the sad news. SAAJA has lost one of the strong pillars that reinforced the foundation of the Centre.

With deepest sympathy

Glenda Raad and family

It is with great shock that I have read the sad news. SAAJA has lost one of the strong pillars that reinforced the foundation of the Centre.

With deepest sympathy

Glenda Raad and family

Thank you for letting us know…it is such a terrible sadness. Thoughts of comfort to all of you close to him and his loved ones.

Mariaan Nielson

Dear Colleagues,
I have just learnt of Patrick Tummon’s unexpected death. I send my condolences both personal and as the president of ANZSJA.
Yours sincerely

Chris Milton

President, ANZSJA

Thank you for letting me know about this very sad event.

Warm regards

Paul Ashton

Many thanks for letting us know officially. I had spoken to Astrid last week and she let me know re Patrick so I was able to write to him. And then Stephen let me know re his death. So sudden … it sounds as though the tumours just galloped along. What a loss of energy for SAAJA.

Warm regards

Paul Ashton

I am so sorry to hear about Patrick’s unexpected death. Thank you for letting us know too. What a devastating loss it must be for his family. And what a gap he leaves in Saaja. He was such a strong presence in one form or another and his absence will be acutely felt by us all. This just feel such a tragic loss, in my book I still want everybody to live gracefully into their nineties and die peacefully in their sleep.

Kind regards,

Helise le Roux

I heard of Patrick’s passing with shock and sadness – it was so sudden – he’d been up-beat in his letters updating SAAJA about his state of health right up until less than a week before his death.

I didn’t know him well but I have two good memories. The first is when my husband and I attended a weekend at Mario Schiess’ game farm in 1995 and Patrick and John Hill were also there. That’s when we heard for the first time that there was something called the Jung Institute in Zürich and as a result, we went to their Summer Intensive course a few months later! It was such a memorable weekend. I have an image/memory of Patrick standing with John around the huge wonderful fire pit in the darkness and the light of the dancing fire reflecting off them. The second time we met was many years later – perhaps two years ago? We met with Patrick and Brigitte at Kirstenbosch Gardens with our son and his wife for a picnic in glorious weather.

My thoughts and condolences are with the SAAJA members who have worked and socialized with Patrick over the many years that he has been with them and I send heartfelt condolences to his family.

Leslie Zimmerman

I was shocked by the news about Patrick on Monday. It was as if Table Mountain was somehow snatched away during the night. Something huge has gone, but the heart just can’t accept it.

Gerald Stonestreet

Since receiving your email with the sad news of Patrick’s passing early on Monday morning, many memories of him have returned. He was one of my earliest points of contact with SAAJA when I first began participating in Public Programme events more than 20 years ago. He has been a constant presence, in so many ways, within the organisation throughout my association with SAAJA.
I look forward to the opportunity of speaking about Patrick with SAAJA colleagues next Tuesday evening.

Deon van Zyl

Without Patrick’s help I might never have made sense of the organisations systems, operations and daily grind . We built up a very special relationship in our few short years of working together. He was funny, bossy, friendly, understanding, patient, and sometimes damn near impossible to work with.. but I Loved him with all my heart. My thoughts and pain and sorrow are with Brigitte and family through their sad sad loss.


Patrick stayed in our home in Gardens on his first exploratory visit to South Africa. Laurens van der Post had raised the funds and had requested Patrick’s assistance, as a qualified analyst, in establishing the embryonic training program for Jungian analysts in Cape Town. In 1988, civil strife seized South Africa. Sitting in the sun on the steps in our back yard, we debated and balanced the personal and professional risks required of Patrick in the context of the positive contributions he might make to a deeply troubled society.
Wilderness called Patrick to Africa. He was intrigued by the relationship between Analytical Psychology, Ethology and Ecopsychology. His fascination with Nature was a major factor in his decision to bring his family to the Cape. He made enormous contributions to the helping professions in this country for more than a quarter of a century. Without Patrick Tummon SAAJA could never have developed in the way that it did. I remember him with deep appreciation, affection and respect.
Photograph taken near Platbos Forest, July 2011.

Graham S. Saayman

Dis inderdaad hartseer. Hy het nog einde laasweek my email beantwoord …

Ester Haumann

I feel a depth of shock unexplainable! The parting of dear Patrick this early morning opens a Well of sadness and grieving to come, yet already felt. I imagine Patrick to be in peacefulness in the world beyond, and thinking of his beloved family at this deeply pained time. …
Warm regards

Fernand Schaub

I am sitting here stunned.
I last spoke to him at the gym a few months ago. I was concerned about how thin he had become but he was his usual cheerful and enthusiastic self.
We will miss him, he was such an integral part of SAAJAs history.
Kind regards,

Gary May

Thank you for letting us know so quickly. I am so shocked. Patrick had such energy and enthusiasm and nurtured the library so conscientiously.
I am sorry for your and SAAJA’s loss. Thank you Patrick for all the energy you put into our group.
Kind regards

Susan Ingle

Thank you for letting us know, I am truly sorry to hear this news – Patrick was such a kind & cheerful person. I somehow imagined he would live to 100 years, as he spoke often of living healthy.
You are all in our thoughts & prayers, over this time.
Kind regards

Steve Black

This is indeed sad news, my condolences to those who knew him.
Best wishes,

Josef Kalikun

Lesley and I would like to convey our most sincere condolences to Brigitta and family and also to SAAJA where he featured so much over the years. He will be sorely misses by all.
Thank you,

Colleen Smith and Lesley Clark

Dear Fred

I wanted to extend my condolences on the loss of Patrick Tummon to you, to the members of SAAJA and especially to Patrick’s family. Patrick was in training in Zurich shortly after me and is someone I got to know a bit over the years. I am very sorry for your loss.

Please extend my condolences to his family on my behalf.

With heavy heart

Tom Kelly

I am so sorry to hear about Patrick’s passing. He really played a considerable part in our group over the years of begin developing group and was our enthusiastic liaison person. He also introduced me to Buddhist meditation.

Ann Hofmeyr

I was totally stunned and shocked on receiving the news of Patrick’s passing on Monday morning. I had come to regard Patrick as part of the very structure of SAAJA and it is almost inconceivable to realise that he is gone forever. He contributed tirelessly to the functioning of the organization on so many levels. His passing is the passing of an era. My heartfelt condolences to Brigitta, his children and other loved ones.

John Gosling

Patrick was a real character – authentic and straight down the line.
He maintained such a good balance between seriousness and a quirky sense of humour.
He was always fully engaged in what he was busy with, and simultaneously engaging as a presenter.
I always felt a genuine sense of caring from him, towards me personally and towards our Gauteng group.
We will miss his presence and his wisdom.

Pauline Close

My sincere condolences on your loss-
I always think of Patricks email address-the “leaping salmon “part, captures for me what he was all about-an extraordinary energy and a shimmering light for all
Sterkte as the afrikaans goes
With much sadness

Bruce Lakie

My sincere condolences to Patrick’s family and all members of SAAJA.
Personally I will always remember and be thankful for the richness Patrick has brought to my life over the years I have known him.
I will miss him.

Carly Vosters

Please pass on sincere condolences to the Tummon family after Patrick’s sudden passing.
We remember him kindly also for the last time we saw him at the Labia cinema to introduce Sabina Spielrein.
May the family find comfort.
May Patrick fly free.

Erika & the Exploring Consciousness team

I was very shocked and saddened to hear about Patrick’s passing recently. I was in CT very briefly (just one week) to attend a wedding, when a friend and colleague told me about it. I am still in shock and processing it, too. I can only imagine that the SAAJA members and community in CT and everywhere else will feel this loss deeply. My heartfelt condolences to you, Fred and everyone at SAAJA. I wish you strength and love as you process this sudden loss.

Patrick was the person at the centre I met when I first enquired about the room there all those years ago, and of course, worked alongside him and Fred at the centre. Even though we ran separate practices, it was nice and good to know that I was not the only person doing the therapy work in the building. Patrick also sent me a lovely email when I emigrated to wish me well on my journey. We shared a number of good moments and a few conversations during my time there. It is very sad indeed to know he is no longer with us in body, but I am certain his spirit will continue to reside in all the places and relationships he occupied.

Drs. Clint Steenveld