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Venue: UCT Lung Institute, George Street, Mowbray

Lectures will begin at 07.30 p.m. (19h30)

Jan 172017.01 Julian David flyer

Ovid’s Underworld

Speaker: Julian David

When Orpheus gets down to the Underworld in search of Eurydice, he must pass through all the figures that are imprisoned there. And if we ask ourselves WHY they are there, we are taken into a dense root-system of the earliest myths of humankind, in which archetypal themes cross back and forth, taking us down to the deepest parts of our own unconscious minds.

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Feb 21 Machiel Klerk

Dream Incubation

Speaker: Machiel Klerk

In this talk, international speaker and dream worker Machiel Klerk will explore an approach towards working with dreams. In this approach to dream work, you will learn to get in touch with your own genius, or guiding spirit. You will learn some practical tips on how to build and nurture a living relationship with your genius and to embody this genius in your day to day life. This will potentially lead to a more meaningful and fulfilling life. This approach to dream work has roots in Jung's Red Book journey.

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Mar 28lynn.pdf 1 1

The Still Centre of the Turning World

Speaker: Lynn Carneson McGregor

In times of transition such as we are experiencing both in South Africa and worldwide at present, there is uncertainty, anxiety and fear. Is the regressive trend towards searching for tribal identity and reliance on Savior Archetypes across the globe, a mistaken search for security? In this climate, what is the role of individuation and collective wisdom?

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April 25Whose Woods Are These II by intao

The Dark Night of the Soul

Speaker: Kaye Gersh

 There are certain passages in a lifetime, sometimes brief, sometimes extended, when all the usual frameworks of understanding the human condition prove to be inadequate. Modern medicine, and indeed modern psychology, does not do well with Dark Nights of the Soul. The use of cognitive therapies, of anti-depressants, of “getting over” things as fast as possible, of “finding closure”, of minimizing suffering are nonsense when one is in a Dark Night.

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May 23southafrica

An Introduction to an Expressive Sandwork Project on the Cape Flats

Speakers: John Gosling and Philippa Colinese




June 21


July 26IMG 2507 600

'Accompaniment’ as a therapeutic approach

Speaker: Renos Papadopoulos




Aug 22

Spirit and Soul

Speaker: Paul Ashton



Sept 19


Oct 24sand play therapy

Sand Play therapy

Speaker: Braam Beetge




Nov 21the last alchemist

The Spirit in the Bottle: An Alchemical Fairy-tale

Speaker: Renee Ramsden






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